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We do not buy clothes from individuals

For Men & Women

If you are looking for a particular item or need help of any kind, do not hesitate to ask the MojeTvoje crew about it. They will be pleased to show you items that are stored back in the storage room, help you with the right sizes and clothing styles as well as provide honest advice and opinions.

Our selection of clothes is always based on the following standards:

  • Items shall not be produced in countries with poor labour and human rights standards.
  • We do not sell contemporary low priced brands that are known for being made of harmful materials and relatively low quality of production.
  • All clothes and accessories have to be without mistakes, for instance holes and stains.
  • A vintage item is more than 20 years old. Second-hand items are mostly trendy clothes made in this century.

Accurately selected

We offer accurately selected second-hand and vintage clothes and accessories for men and women at more than reasonable prices.

Top Brands

The items are made either by well known and prestigious brands, those in the middle, or those already forgotten.